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Wanting to make your home as comforting and visually appealing as possible is something we all share and having the right professionals at your disposal to provide you with the craftsmanship necessary to remodel and renovate our properties is important. Choosing to bring in the expertise of KWL Remodel & Shutters will provide you with a remodel Hobbs, NM area homes have turned to for many years.

About Us

KWL Remodel & Shutters has been the local source of quality remodeling and interior shutters in Hobbs, NM, Lovington NM, Eunice NM, Jal NM, Seminole TX, Denver City TX, Tatum NM and Carlsbad NM area properties have turned to since we first opened our doors. Through bringing an experience, affordable and reliable service to every one of our clients, we have slowly built our reputation in the area, even going so far as to extend our service area to include Lovington, Eunice, Jal and Tatum as well. Whether you’re looking for an interior remodeling or exterior carpentry you can depend on, making the choice to reach out to our experts will provide you with the best in the business.

Our Services

In order to completely cover the needs of our clientele, we provide the area with a full series of services ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to handyman services and everything in between. Whether you’re looking to completely change the look and feel of specific rooms or need a minimal service such as appliance installation or light switch replacement, making the call to our offices will bring you the fast and reliable service offerings anywhere in our region. When looking for the best outcome for your property, you can count on the experience and expertise that KWL Remodel & Shutters brings to every task.

KWL Remodel and Shutters - Interior Window Shutters 2
KWL Remodel and Shutters - Handyman Services
KWL Remodel and Shutters - Deck and Fence Service

Interior Window Shutters

We bring a wide range of shutters Hobbs, NM area homes can choose from. With the ability to select your color, material and style, you have the ability to accent any window shape you may have. From kitchen windows to bedrooms and beyond, this addition to the appearance of your property can give you that unique aesthetic you’re looking for, while also providing an added layer of privacy to your Hobbs and surrounding area home.

Bathroom Remodeling

KWL Remodel & Shutters delivers on a full range of bathroom remodel options, covering every aspect of these rooms and turning them into a source of escapism and comfort. From new vanity and fixture installation to bath and shower swap, you have the ability to transform these spaces to your whim in order to create the perfect space. Choosing KWL Remodel & Shutters for your needs will deliver on a dedication to quality and affordability.

KWL Remodel and Shutters - Interior Window Shutters 1
KWL Remodel and Shutters - Bathroom Remodeling 1
KWL Remodel and Shutters - Kitchen Remodeling 1

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is one of the most requested spaces of transformation within the area and when looking for the best services in town to provide kitchen remodel Hobbs, NM area homes depend on, KWL Remodel & Shutters is here for you. We put our full attention into your countertops, appliance replacement, flooring, walls and more to give you the space of your dreams and to create a central gathering place you’ll want to spend time in.

Handyman Service

We not only bring the full range of remodeling Hobbs, NM can count on but also deliver on a variety of options when it comes to a handyman service you can trust. Whether you have minor electrical work, plumbing, carpentry or otherwise, making the choice to pick up the phone and reaching out to KWL Remodel & Shutters will give you the same level of reliability as any focused company at a lower cost.

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KWL Remodel and Shutters - Flooring and Tile Service 1
KWL Remodel and Shutters - Deck and Fence Service 1

Flooring & Tile Service

A quick and simple means of changing the foundation of your home décor is through the replacement of your flooring and tile surfaces. If you want to update or switch to carpet, renew the look of your tiles or make the swap to laminate flooring, KWL Remodel & Shutters is the company you need on your side. With the best contractor Hobbs, NM has to offer, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

Deck & Fence Service

Turning our attention to the exterior of your home, we extend the design possibilities you have available with a carpenter Hobbs, NM area residences can count on. Providing a range of services to both deck and fence installations, you can create the perfect space in which to host get-togethers or add to the look of your property with a beautiful fence. When you need quality in every step, you need the experienced touch of KWL Remodel & Shutters.

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“When remodeling my kitchen, there was a specific look that I wanted to achieve, so I knew that I needed a very capable company. After speaking with KWL Remodel & Shutters and seeing their options, I chose their services and was not disappointed. They worked hard to fulfill my vision.” – Kyle B.

“I recently bought a home with a deck installed but was not confident in using it. The age and appearance of it called for a full do-over and fortunately KWL Remodel & Shutters had the services I need. They really managed to transform the entire deck from the ground up.” – Jim G.

“I have relied on the handyman services of KWL Remodel & Shutters for a few years now. I like knowing that they can handle a wide variety of needs and that their prices are fair. I would suggest them to anyone in the city looking for a handyman.” – Gail W.

Contact Us Today

The first step in obtaining the services you’re looking for is making the choice to pick up the phone and reaching out to our experts. When calling into our offices, you have the capability to speak directly with a knowledgeable professional ready and waiting to provide you with further details on our services, providing you with broad estimates and book your upcoming services quickly. If you’re looking for professionals who are hard at work for you the moment they pick up the phone, choosing KWL Remodel & Shutters will deliver service beyond your expectations.