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Bathroom Remodeling


One of the most common rooms within a home that our clients look to have renovated is that of the bathroom. With the desire to turn this space into a sanctuary, a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the home, it’s understandable why attention to this room is so popular. When looking to transform your bathroom into a space of relaxation and convenience, making the call to the contractor of choice in the Hobbs, NM area will deliver the best results.

Bathroom Tile

A quick and simple means of bringing a new look to your bathroom is through the replacement of the various tile within. Whether this is show tile, backsplash or flooring, you can be sure that KWL Remodel & Shutters provides you with a wealth of choice when it comes to material and design options to give you the perfect outcome for your needs. Whether you’re looking to copy a look you’ve seen previously or want assistance in designing the perfect look and feel, you can be sure that our bathroom and kitchen remodel professionals will deliver the help you’re looking for.


One on the most popular replacement choices within a bathroom space is that of the fixtures. From sinks to taps, vanities to storage space and more, KWL Remodel & Shutters brings you a wealth of choice when it comes to making your Hobbs, NM area bathroom look as you desire while also providing you with a wealth of utility. We bring you the widest selection of options when it comes to new fixture choices and the remodel professionals necessary to make short work of any replacement as well as the required plumbing expertise required to bring efficiency from the moment our work is done.

Tub & Shower

Whether looking to add a specialized tub to your bathroom, to upgrade the efficiency of your shower, or to bring you an enclosure that is truly unique and personalized, making the call to KWL Remodel & Shutters to provide you with the replacement and installation services you need will ensure the best possible outcome. Our experts are here to deliver on your desires and to provide you with a space of rest and relaxation that you’ll look forward to spending time in. Whatever the style you have in mind, we have the means of bringing it to your Hobbs, NM area bathroom.

Bathroom Design

If you’re looking for a more thorough and complete redesign of your bathroom space, you can count on KWL Remodel & Shutters to provide you with the options you’re looking for. We provide you with a wealth of choice when it comes to the various pieces within your bathroom, only using the best brands on the market in order to deliver reliability in our results. When looking to transform your space through a full bathroom remodel, making the call to the best contractors Hobbs, NM has to offer will ensure that your space is one you’ll love.

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